(2015, duration 01:47)
Animation and postproduction: Marina Belikova
Voice acting: Ian Bowden, Brandon H’Arezzo, Jeni Fulton, Patrick Littlewood, Ludwig Müller, Rachel Rits-Volloch, Becca Sparkes

This work was created in 2015 for the BALAGAN!!! Contemporary Art from the Former Soviet Union and Other Mythical Places exhibition by Momentum and was displayed at Kühlhaus Berlin alongside the other works. It is a visualisation of a poem by David Elliott BALAGAN!!! (the full text may be found on the website of the exhibition).

Astronaut’s journal
(2015, duration 05:19)
Animation, story and production: Marina Belikova
Music: Bert Liebold
Voice acting: Becca Sparkes.

A Master Thesis animation. Bauhaus University, 2016.
“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.”

― Stanisław Lem, Solaris

My first day in Weimar
(2014, duration 01:48)
Animation and postproduction: Marina Belikova
Story & voice acting: Ludwig Müller

A documentary animation, based on the story by Ludwig Müller, who also did the voice acting. The work was created in 2014 during the Bauhaus University course “Animated memories”.

Nordwind Festival Trailer
(2015, duration 00:50)
Extract from: AES+F, Inverso Mundus, People and Donkeys, 2015
Concept and creative direction: Marina Belikova, Bureau N

A trailer for the Nordwind Festival. The 6th edition of the Nordwind Festival with its focus on exploring the North European and Baltic performing arts scene this time also throws a spotlight on Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. It run under the title “BALAGAN!!! – Zones of Resistance” and took place in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and – for the first time – in Bern between 14 November and 23 December 2015.

CHA(hOpe)TIK Collection showreel
(2013, duration 00:57)
Animation & postproduction: Marina Belikova
Photos used: Livio Morabito

A showreel, presenting the works by a fashion designer Lucie Veyries, CHA(hOpe)TIK Collection.

(2013, duration 01:06)
Concept and postproduction: Marina Belikova
Model: Elahe Rostami

This is a short stopmotion, answering the question “What is fashion for you?”

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