Leicht Wider Sinn
(2014, duration 01:20)
Production: Marina Belikova & Bianca Müller
Sponsored by: Nivre Film&Studio GmbH
Models: Rüberg Media

A Fashion Clip, presenting the collection “Leicht Wider Sinn” by Vera Henrike Hetzel. The clip was produced for and screened at Apolda European Design Award 2014 as a part of Bauhaus Univerisity course “Fashion Clips”.
“The Apolda European Design Award is the most important marketing product of Apolda and the Weimarer Land today. He is ambassadors and calling card of a region which is still narrowly connected with the most important economy tradition, the knitting. The region also uses this tradition to form future. The partnership with European universities and large textile and fashion groups has contributed fundamentally to it, so that the project –besides his economically beneficial aspects –developed also as a Thuringian marketing product.”

Saufen – all night long
(2017, duration 01:22)
Storyboard, shooting, editing: Marina Belikova
Company: Bühnengold

A trailer for a theatre play “Saufen – all night long” by Bühnengold.

Bühnengold trailer
(2017, duration 01:22)
Storyboard, shooting, editing: Marina Belikova
Company: Bühnengold

A trailer presenting Bühnengold, decribing its message and offers.

Jakobsplan, 1
(2014, duration 39:05)
Shooting & Production: Marina Belikova

A documentary film, exploring the everyday life of a student dormitory inhabitants – Jakobsplan, 1 (Weimar, Germany). The material for the film has been collected during 4-5 month, it includes everyday observations, interviews with the current inhabitants, the graduates of the university, who used to live in the dormitory years ago, a sneak peak on a public art students project, that took place in the building while the film was being shot (“Fabulous Jakobs“).

One day with Emir
(2014, duration 16:50)
Shooting & Production: Marina Belikova

A short documentary, where the viewer follows a life of one of Bauhaus students (Emir) for 24 hours.


(2015, duration 02:54)
Postproduction: Marina Belikova, Mihail Mihaylov

The video was produced by our study group as a part of the Bauhaus University course “Composing a Collaborative Choreographed Intervention in Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game Space” by Angela Washko.
Poaching has reached an all-time high in the past two decades. With an average of 96 elephants killed daily, they’re headed toward extinction within the next decade unless action is taken to end the lucrative trade in wildlife products. It took us 7 minutes to kill 96 boars in World of Warcraft. It takes 1 day to kill 96 elephants in Africa in real life, and it will take 10 years to kill all of them.

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