Frey Willie promo animated page
Year: 2011
Flash, Action script 2.0, HTML, CSS
This is the a course project, the task was to make an interesting promo-site, that would contain an element of a game of some interactive elements.
The company is famous for its original jewelry, and a line of jewelry, based on famous artists’ drawings and ornaments was chosen as an object for promotion.
After entering the main page (designed so that nothing distracts the user’s attention) one can chose one of the 4 artists.
The user can drag the picture he or she liked (after looking at the preview, that appears after clicking on a small cross under the picture with the ornament) into the frame in order to see the jewelry with the same ornament.


Portfolio web-site for a fashion designer
Year: 2014
HTML, CSS, php
This is a portfolio web-site for a fashion designer. The task was to create a sterile clear design that would allow the user to concentrate on the images presenting the collections.


Vertales web-site
Year: 2012
Flash, Action Script 2.0, HTML, XML, CSS, php
This is the graduation project, that consisted of developing a style for the project and then – of the structure, look and technical realisation of the web-site.
The project is devoted to ball-jointed hand-made dolls (fairy-tale and fantasy characters). In order to reflect the ideas of hand-made objects, magic and fairy-tale, the Gothic Organic style of web-design was chosen for the whole project.
Due to original scheme, the use of png-transparency and so-called ‘table HTML’, popular in the 2000s, all the sections of the site can be transformed to fit any screen and any resolution- the proportions of the objects change.
All the objects were photographed and then retouched, as for the textures, used on the site (wood, old papers) – all of the textures were made by the author of the site, also based on the photos.


SVRT web-site redesign
Year: 2007
This is a re-design for the project “The Union for the rebirth of the genealogy traditions” (SVRT).
The task was to draw the design, that would correspond the idea of antiquity and traditions and to re-design some sections of the site to show how it would work.
The site has two color scheme variants that can be changed without refreshing the page (made by using two CSS filles and Java Script). The design was drawn according to the principles of Paper Bag Style and Gothic Organic styles of web-design.
The main scheme is used for most sections of the site, however such sections as ‘contact information’ are drawn differently.
The main scheme is also made so that the site can be stretched vertically to place as much information as required without damaging the design (that is possible due to HTML-tables, containing images).

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