(2015, performance)

In a landmark 2010 paper in Nature, Schiller (then a postdoc at New York University) and her NYU colleagues, including Joseph E. LeDoux and Elizabeth A. Phelps, published the results of human experiments indicating that memories are reshaped and rewritten every time we recall an event. (source)

The project is inspired by a theory claiming that every time we remember something, we do not access the original memory, but rather recall our remembrance of the event. Every time we remember something, our memory is being re-written, the newer memory overwriting the previous one. On the other hand, nowadays we store a lot of our memories in the digital form in order to preserve them safe and unchanged, but doing that we still keep endlessly copying and reproducing them in all the different mediums. Do they really stay unchanged, even being saved digitally?

The project idea is to visualise these transformations of our memories.
Overwriting the same memory over and over again until it becomes some abstract image, an idea of the original memory, influenced by our mind, altered by other people and modern technologies.

In the end we will see how the same event is being altered in time through four different points of view.

  • 2015 Works on Paper III at MOMENTUM Berlin, within MPA-B Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015